Opening commissions again.


Hi guys! I’m once again in a bit of a bind and I need a bit of help ;v;!

After paying a few bills I noticed that I’m running a little low on funds to pay my half of the rent, so I’m opening full shop for commissions to get what I need ;v;/!

I only need to collect about $125 to make rent by August 5th. So feel free to either put me to work or just donate ;v;, any help would be wonderful!

Once I’ve reached what I needed I’ll be closing up!

Included with opening commissions again, I’ve also added 3 ~*NEW*~ features and I have also updated all of my example pictures to up to date and recent art I’ve done!

If you’re interested in donating or requesting a commission, please contact me here by either asking or sending fanmail or on my commission blog, and I’ll provide you with my paypal and such if you are interested ;v;!

Check out my commission’s list by clicking here!

So whats ~*NEW*~ to the shop?

 Sketch pages!
$1 per sketch!
 +shading - 30 cents per sketch.


Character Reference Sheets - $20
-front and back ref
-one custom pose (Of your own choosing)
-two headshots
-two details (weapons, patterns, designs, etc…)

Wanna make it a bundle? Add on a $5 Sketch page and I’ll shade thos sketches free of charge!



"Guardia: The Tales of Halgeis" art style. $17
+5 for additional characters.

Read the webcomic by clicking here!

These commissions are included with full color/ shading with any solid color backgrounds for FREE.

Detailed backgrounds +$3



im sure that’s wine. really.



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Today’s page! I wish it would rain here, too.


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twitterrrr doodles


hey guys remember when you played brawl with friends and then this item would spawn in


and then fun times would immediately turn into either the feeling of unspeakable fear or the sensation of having overwhelming power in your hands




Dine and dash.

ah ok cool, so there’s a black van with tinted windows parked near our house, and every so often it blasts music.

it’s nearly 11 at night what the hell


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